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Hitachi 410 Litre Double Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - RBG410PUK6GS

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Hitachi 410 Litre Double Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - RBG410PUK6GS

Brand: Hitachi Hitachi Product Code: 2724612483355 Reward Points: 1500


The Hitachi 410L Bottom Freezer Refrigerator delivers a remarkable performance to keep up with all your food and beverage storage needs. It has an inverter compressor that ensures powerful cooling. This Hitachi refrigerator maintains a stable inside temperature to delivers excellent energy consumption. Furthermore, it delivers a high heat insulation performance even during power cuts. This Hitachi 410L refrigerator has the storage space and functionality to keep plenty of food. It has a deep and large case that allows you to store large-sized frozen foods with ease. Moreover, the vegetable compartment keeps the vegetables fresh by maintaining optimum moisture level. Thanks to the robust tempered glass shelves, you can place heavy food items without any worries. This Hitachi 410L refrigerator has a glass silver finish that exudes elegant and sophisticated appeal.


Hitachi 410 Liters Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Glass Silver - RBG410PUK6GS - Physical Features


Model Number: RBG410PUK6GS

Color: Glass Silver

Depth: 650 mm

Height: 1900 mm

Width: 595 mm

Material: Metal

Capacity: 410 Litre

Hitachi 410 Liters Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Glass Silver - RBG410PUK6GS


The high power inverter compressor of this Hitachi refrigerator generates a large volume of chilled air to deliver exceptionally powerful cooling. Also, the inverter compressor is capable of providing efficient low power cooling with the help of Eco Thermo sensor. Every corner inside this Hitachi refrigerator is thoroughly cool, even if the ambient temperature is as high as 60 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the Super Energy Saving function controls how much chilled air is delivered to which compartment to eliminate wastage of energy.


This Hitachi bottom freezer refrigerator features an easy access case that is located at the top of the freezer, thereby allowing you to reach items directly. The specially designed large and deep freezer case of this refrigerator allows you to store bigger-sized frozen foods. Furthermore, the vegetable compartment ensures indirect cooling for maintaining the optimum moisture level, which is ideal for keeping vegetables fresh. Moreover, the bright, energy-saving LED light consumes less energy and lasts for a long time. The adjustable door pockets allow you to change their layout according to a variety of items. Also, the convenient medium-sized pocket allows you to store 0.5L bottles. This refrigerator has a Nano Titanium filter that ensures each compartment is full of clean air.